Interesting Ideas To Help You With College Essay Editing

Researching and writing your essay properly is important. Equally important is to properly edit it before submission. It is through editing that your essay attains its final shape. After writing the paper you must have got the common errors corrected. A normal conception is to think of this as editing. But a proper edit should go beyond common error correction and improves the quality of your essay. You have to employ a copy editor or a book editor for this purpose. You might run an essay checker on your essay but it is also important for you to know what to correct. Here are some practical and effective tips on how to edit your essay.

Proofreading your essay

It is better to use specialized proofreading software than depend on the default applications of your word processor. While proofreading you should correct -

  • Errors in spelling, typing and punctuation.
  • Errors in grammar and language use like subject-verb agreement, tense etc.
  • Errors in word usage and headings like inconsistent use of words, meanings and headings.

Some paper checker also has an in-built format checker. You can also get stand alone format checker if you need. A proper format checker should correct -

  • Errors and inconsistencies in formatting of references, citations and indexes.
  • Errors in formatting, spacing, fonts, layout, table of contents, tables and figures.

Copy editing your essay

Copy editing actually improves the quality of the content and write. As your copy editor, you must ensure that every element of your essay is consistent, cohesive, and complete. While copy editing look out for the following -

  • If your essay is appropriate for the target or intended audience.
  • If your essay uses the language accurately and clearly. You can consider using a specific English checker for this purpose also.
  • Improving the structure, style and flow of the essay.
  • Correcting and reducing jargon, duplicate or redundant content.
  • Improving readability of the essay.
  • Making the essay SEO friendly.

Don’t only depend on the software or applications and adopt these steps to double check your work –

  • After finishing the writing, let you essay sit for a while. Read your work aloud and record it. When you listen to the recording, you will find a sentence or word or a phrase which doesn’t sound right.
  • Read the essay backwards.
  • Read your essay prompt and ensure that your essay matches it.
  • Read your work aloud in front of an audience. Mark their reactions.
  • Involve a writing editor to check your work.

Checking for plagiarism

Plagiarism is absolutely forbidden in all levels of academic writing. As most of your resources can be the internet, it is imperative that you check these sources for authenticity as well as your essay for originality. There are several plagiarism checkers on the net. You should do some research to find the checker best suited for your needs. There are also some free checkers where you have to upload your content to get it checked.

It might be difficult to get all the features in single software and you might have to invest in a few different products. This investment is worth your money as they will immensely benefit your paper and uplift it to a superior level.

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